American Eagle Coins - What You Need To Know About Them
When we say American Eagle Silver Coins, we are actually referring to legal tender coins that are made at the Unites States Mint, located at West Point, New York. It has been said that American Eagle Silver Coins have been produced ever since the year nineteen eighty six and share the same face value as one US dollar. While we are writing this article, there has been a big chance in the face value of the said coin as they are already worth more than their initial face value and this is due to how the price of an ounce of silver have been more than one dollar for over forty years already. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that these ninety nine perfect pure silver coins are backed by the US Government with regards to their weight as well as their silver purity. Read more about American Silver Dollar Coins from In this present day and time that we live in, the America Eagle Silver Dollars are considered as the most popular silver coins in the world. In addition to that, due to the current value that they have, they can be easily cashed out any time the holder wants to.  

These days, there has been an increase in the number of coin dealers that consider the American Eagle Silver coins as one of the most beautiful coins ever made in the world. The stunning and gorgeous Walking Liberty design was created by Adolph A. Weimann and this design was highly acclaimed and highly praised and at the same time, recognized around the world, not to mention that it was first used on the United States Half Dollars beginning from the year nineteen sixteen to the year nineteen forty seven. As for the design on the back of the eagle coin, it was the image of a powerful eagle that was created by John Mercanti and is known to include a shield and thirteen starts located at the top of the eagle's head. The thirteen starts is the representation of the thirteen original American colonies.

Another thing that we want you to know with regards to the American Eagle coin is the fact that it is the largest silver dollars ever made in the history of US Mint. Click to read more about American Silver Dollar Coins. According to the law, when the coins are cut, it is important for them to contain at least one troy ounce of ninety nine percent of pure silver and must be forty point six millimeter or one point five hundred ninety eight inches in diameter. If you have seen one, you will say that these coins come out as something quite large and is capable of making a great impression as well. Every single Silver Eagle has been struck with great care and precision and should meet the high standards set by the US Mint. Moreover, we want you to know as well that if you want to own a pure silver and at the same time, want to create as well as build wealth for you and your family from this day onwards, having these coins is an affordable way of securing your goals.

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